Bagpipe Festival


(words by Laura Pierangeli)

Folk traditions are journeys into the soul of people. The day of the festival is the moment of meeting, exchange of emotions, often through the universal language that is music.
The bagpipe festival takes all this and carries it in the present time reviving the momentum, the feeling, the excitement of the party through an archaic instrument, and today some ‘forgotten.
The bagpipe is a mythical character, is the statue of the “presepe” that comes to life, who leaves for a moment the life of the lonely shepherd, of the stars watcher to follow the sound of the party. He is, with the leg held together by strings of black leather, the checked shirt, vest and the bagpipe, an essential continuation of his body, the persone who gives emotions and memories of bygone days.
His rough hands become soft and gentle embrace the instrument and turn the party. The music brings the joyful rhythm of life to creep into the streets, in alleyways where children play and people walk without haste.
Throughout countryside, the sound is also a call to a religious mystic ritual which finds itself in the daily hard work of the shepherd and at the same time in his need for rest and recreation.
The afternoon goes quickly watching these charming characters in the black bag, resting gently on your shoulders, bring with them to seek discreet charm of the past to share with those who have the easy to listen to them.

Skate Park


(words by Davide Aliberti)

At the first light of evening ramps of cement of Anagnina Skate Park are populated by young skaters from the Roman suburbs. The street lamps show big beams of light that broke the darkness, illuminating the “tricks” of the participants in this new urban ritual. Christian Rizzo, with this project, wants to document with photography this cultural phenomenon that is starting to spread, creating new identities and new relationship between people from different nation and social provenance. Rizzo tells, with photographs, the personal stories, the skate tricks of these young people, focalizing the attention on a sense of belonging to a community that is growing day by day from its center located moved in the margin, on the suburbs.

The Dissolute Life


(words by Davide Aliberti)

Dissolute Life is a photography documentation about a life lived between the cement of the Roman suburbs and the thrill of the skate board.
The photographs tell about the dissolution, the absence of any prejudice and freedom from conventions. A quiet form of rebellion is also a sign of a social reality unrelated to any categorization, where the excess is extreme freedom.
Dissolute Life is a reportage that contains some excerpts of the intimate life of an outsider, those moments of serenity spent at home, place of meditation, retreat from a life lived always on the edge.

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