Christian Rizzo Photographer
Christian Rizzo was born in Salerno, where he graduated in Graphic Design and Photography. In Rome he studied graphics at the Academy of Fine Arts Rome University of Fine Arts (RUFA) and a master’s degree at the Roman School of Photography.

In 2005 he participated in the making of the video Urban Signs, presented to the House of Architecture in Rome for Public Design: Visuals (Project Biennial) in the same year he participated in the Collective Works First, organized by RufArtGallery of Rome.

In 2006 he participated in RufaShort Film Festival, in collaboration with the London Film Academy, with the video RH22.

In 2007 RuffArtGallery in Rome hosted his first solo exhibition entitled Song of the Sirens and the same year he exhibited at the Palazzo Genovese of Salerno, a second project entitled RH15 Personal, Salerno on the occasion of the Open Doors event. At the same time, he began a collaboration with art and culture magazine Third Eye published by Ulysses Publisher.

In 2008 he participated in the exhibition Atika – the demo-house for the Mediterranean climate of energy conservation, curated by Andrea Romoli Barberini.

In 2008 he participated with three images to the catalog images of Taste.

In 2010 his works are part of the permanent exhibition with Gusto See, set up in the hospital cafeteria IFO Regina Elena and San Gallicano.

In 2010 he participated to the creation of the monthly magazine Water Bread: notes on progressive ideas.

In 2011 he participated in the creation of a photography workshop at the Cooperative Civic Zero (Save the Children), day care center for teenage boys in the same year worked as a cinematographer on short films The Digital Purpurea (2011) by Florinda Martucciello under the supervision of Marco Bellocchio and begins his third solo exhibition at the Literary Cafe Ready Made G. Verdi in Salerno.

In 2011, he worked as a teacher for a course in Photo Editing and Post-Production at the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome University of Fine Arts (RUFA).

Since 2010 is the official photographer at the Rome headquarters for the U.S. association Knights of Columbus.


Rome University of Fine Arts (RUFA)

Knights of Columbus Fondation

Arsenale Fashion di Patrizia Pieroni

Valentina Bonomo gallery, Rome

TechnoGate Project

Modo, azienda di ristorazione

Association Nuove Risposte Onlus

DADA communication and visual art studio

Terzocchio art magazine

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